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In addition to engaging in Civil Litigation and Criminal Law matters on behalf of employers and employees, the Firm provides employment advice to banks, financial service companies, entertainment companies, and a variety of other institutions.  Such matters include counseling on hiring and firing, preparation of employment manuals and contracts, and advice on compliance with applicable law.

The Firm also reviews company procedures, analyzes issues involving Defamation, Privacy, and the Internet, and conducts Internal Investigations regarding compliance and staff misconduct.

The Firm is also extensively involved in issues relating to the existence, scope, and extent of non-compete, non-solicitation and other restrictive covenants.

Enforcement of Plaintiffs’ Rights

The Firm routinely represents wrongfully terminated employees and other victims of contract breaches and tortious behavior.  The Firm has obtained millions of dollars through jury verdicts, arbitration awards, and settlements.  Such matters include:

  • Representation of one of the founders of a multi-billion dollar company who was wrongly accused of breaching his contractual duties to the company and was threatened with the forfeiture of company stock and other benefits.  Following months of intense negotiations, the client received all compensation and benefits due to him, totaling over $175 million.
  • Enforcing the rights of an executive in a multi-national company who was wrongfully terminated and falsely accused of various forms of misconduct.  Following almost two years of discovery, motion practice, and multiple arbitration sessions, the client achieved a settlement of over $15 million.
  • Counseling two theater executives who were forced out of a joint venture to acquire a theater chain.  After over three months of trial, the clients were paid $5 million to settle their claims.
  • Advising a financial services executive who was terminated and deprived of his bonus on the basis of the company’s claim that he breached his duty of loyalty to the company.  Following months of arbitration and negotiations, the executive received his bonus and other benefits totaling over $2.5 million.
  • Representation of a senior executive in a multinational company who was wrongfully terminated based on false accusations of misconduct. After several years of litigation and a two week jury trial, a unanimous federal jury awarded the executive $2,000,000, representing his entire salary for the remainder of his working life.
  • Representation of a newspaper publisher who was fired and accused of mismanagement.  After more than a year of litigation, all claims against the client were withdrawn, and he received a settlement of over $1 million.
  • Representation of an administrator and co-publisher of musical compositions by an artist in a federal litigation. In one decision, the court determined all issues in favor of the firm’s client, finding that the defendant was in breach of an earlier settlement, ruling that his claim that he did not read the governing agreement was insufficient as a matter of law, and dismissing his counterclaims. In a second decision, the court enjoined the defendant from pursuing an end run by litigating in the courts of another country, and imposed monetary sanctions on the defendant.