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The practice of family law ranges widely, from matrimonial matters to paternity proceedings, and from elder care issues to parent-child disputes and beyond. The Firm has represented a variety of clients at all stages of such matters. Representation has included response to criminal and administrative investigations and proceedings, conduct of contested evidentiary hearings, and negotiation, mediation, and other forms of dispute resolution.

Examples of family matters have included:

  • Representation of a young entertainer who was being stalked and harassed by an absentee father in his attempt to reestablish their relationship and to obtain publicity for himself. After obtaining a temporary order of protection from the court, the Firm negotiated a permanent order of protection on consent, providing the client with significantly more protection than would have been available under the statutory scheme.
  • Representation of a student wrongly accused of cheating on the college boards on the basis of what the testing company claimed was an unusual increase in scores and a strong statistical similarity to another student's answers. Cancellation of the questioned scores would have gravely imperiled the student's right to remain at a top university that had accepted the student based in large part on those scores. After all internal appeals failed, the matter went to arbitration. Under the testing entity's standard form agreement, the student had no right to an evidentiary hearing. Moreover, the testing entity was not required to prove cheating, but was only required to show that it had acted reasonably and in good faith in deciding to cancel the scores. The Firm persuaded the arbitrator to hold an evidentiary hearing, at which the Firm presented uncontradicted evidence of the student's native intelligence, excellent grades, and intensive test preparation. The arbitrator ruled conclusively in the student's favor. The student remained at the university with an unblemished reputation.